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    ADP feature in LVS



      Hi expert,



      I heard that Calibre has supported to extract ADP during LVS.



      Then I'm interested to know how ADP result is attached to LVS result? It's into LVS database or standalone DB/file?



      Another question is how the ADP is used by downstream tool, like parasitic extraction / simulation?



      Thanks in advance



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          Hi Quakelover,



          I'm not an ADP expert yet but I do have some ideas to share that may help.



          The Advanced Device Properties that I've seen have always been attached to the devices in the extracted layout netlist. I'm thinking of the netlist we get from "calibre -spice". These properties were present in the same fashion as "W" and "L" properties.



          If you're seeing something different than that, I wonder if it relates to LVS PUSH DEVICES SEPARATE PROPERTIES ?