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    Attachments (photos) pop-up half off screen


      When I click to see an attachment to a post, the picture pops up half off the screen.  Also since it is "on top" of the normal webpage, scrolling has no effect - that only scrolls the page underneath the poped-up photo!  How can I fix this?  (Windows 7, IE9)

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          Thanks for letting me know about this, and providing your OS and browser info. This is the first time anyone has reported this behavior. I will investigate and see what I can find. But a couple of clarifying questions:

          1. On your statement below, you mention clicking  an "attachment," but then a "picture" pops up. Do you mean when you click an image that is in a post, that image opens in a larger window on top of the page to let you see more detail. Is that what you are referring to? Because an attachment is typically an attached file for download or opening. I just want to be sure I clearly understand.

          When I click to see an attachment to a post, the picture pops up half off the screen. 

          2. Assume this is happening with any post that has an embedded image?
          3. Will you also please provide a screen capture so I can better visualize this issue?


          thanks, and my apologies for the inconvenience.

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            I hope that this works (it says I should be able to just reply).  For an example, look in this thread https://communities.mentor.com/thread/11478 and go to Robert’s post on 15-Mar-2013






            The first time I clicked on the attachment, it opened it at the right-hand extreme of the window, although the whole photo was still within the window, and the “X” to close the pop-up was visible (This photo is smaller than some I have seen).  The screen capture is the entire IE window, minus the tool-bar and window header.








            Curiously, the 2nd and 3rd time that I clicked the jpg attachment, it seemed to open correctly, and centred in the window. The scroll bars still only moved the webpage underneath the pop-up, so in the case of a very large photo, it might not be possible to scroll around it; it depends if the page scales the photo to fit the window.


            In this post, the image is a PNG, but in a similar post, the same thing happened with a JPG, but again only the first time that the image was clicked.  https://communities.mentor.com/thread/15710




            On another image, I saw it compose the pop-up partially off-screen, but then centre the pop-up. https://communities.mentor.com/thread/11478




            Playing, it seems that also sometimes the first time the image is clicked, that it opens the pop-up as a very tiny box and then loads the image into it and the pop-up expands.  In that case, the pop-up seemed to expand keeping the top-left corner in the same place, so that the pop-up was no longer centred.  It may be the case that delays in fetching the image or calculating the window position cause a problem, but the next time the image is opened, everything happens faster because of the cache?




            Hope this helps.





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              Alan - thanks for the detail. A few comments:

              1. It sounds like, at least initially when you open an image, it displays to the right of your screen , not in the center of the display as expected. However, if you open it a second or third time this resolves the problem. That suggests a bug to me, but I will report it. Also, based on your original post, it sounds like you have also experienced the image displaying about half off the screen.


              2. I checked all the images in your links above, and everything opened as expected for me. I am running IE9 and Win 7 Ent like you are. However, I tried in Chrome, and started seeing  the behavior you describe: the image would open quickly to the right border of the display then immediately center on the display. However, on the last one I tried, I replicated your issue - see below. But like you, when I clicked a second time they centered correctly EXCEPT the last one

              pop up image issue 2.JPG


              Will talk with the vendor and see what I can find out.