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    Where is the position of the Expedition-Windows saved?


      Hi all,


      I am switching between 2 Monitor-Environment and One-Monitor environment from time to time.

      It happens that I start the Expedition-Software, but it appears outside of my desktop-window. So, on my monitor I have the icon of Expedition, but Expedtition itself is on the (unconnected) Monitor.

      I cannot reach the tool and not move it on the real window.


      Q: how is the window-position controlled? Where is this file stored?



      Thanks a lot for your help!


      Nice Day!


      / Frank

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          Hi Frank,

          I'm not sure but I think that's stored in your registry. About accessing the window out of reach, I have a fix. Use Alt+Tab to bring focus to the invisible app, then use Alt+Space to bring up the window control menu. If you can't see it when it pops up, hit the M key (Move) and use the arrow keys to slide the window around. Enter to drop it.

          I would try closing Expedition when it's spanning both monitors to see what happens.


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            Hi Frank,

            I did some digging. Below is the key from the registry that records the window size/position when you exit Expedition.

            The last two values in "Geometry" are SizeX and SizeY. The others I'm sure refer to screen #, XY position, etc.


            I tried changing the SizeX and SizeY but it had no affect the next time I opened Expedition.


            It seems that to achieve your goal you'll have to import/export registry settings. That my not be too bad if you can script it. I run Linux and load the registry every time I run any of the tools.


            Good Luck~!



            [HKEY_USERS\<MY_USER_ID>\software\Mentor Graphics\ExpeditionPCB\Expedition PCB\2007.00\Settings]