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    Max Via-Stub --- how to controll it?



      for a LPDDR2-Routing we have a requirement MAX STUBLENGTH=0.

      It is easy to put this into CES and controll the routing, but we are also asked to controll the Stub in the unsused part in a Via.


      Is there a way to controll this via CES/Expedition??


      Thanks for your answer!


      / Frank

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          Currently, CES doesn't support to define the constraint of  via stub length. I have posted ideas to make backdrill be fully supported over front-to-end flow. Now, there are some of Mentor point tools began to support backdril process:


          1 Valor NPI 9.5 support to check backdrill DRC

          2 Hyperlynx 9.2(Not released yet) support to define back drill

          3 Hyperlynx DRC 6.2 support to check via stub length

          4 Xpedition layout support to define and check the backdrill, but not so matured


          For backdrill, I have tried much to make Mentor recognizes it's importance during fours years. However, There is still no full-flow support by now.e



          1 Make CES to support user to define which vias be used on the net level ,not on the net class level only

          2 Make CES to support  user to set the max via stub length

          3 Make Xpedition layout to support to check via stub length and assign backdrill, including DRC check and 3D view

          4 Make ODB+ output, CCZ output with backdrill




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