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Offsite PCB Layout of existing PCB

Question asked by aclark on Nov 6, 2014
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I'm about to embark on an offsite PCB update, and I'd like to use a remote design database.  The Schematics and PCB were done in EE7.9.4u6.  The schematics have been updated in DxD & packaged, but have not been forward annotated to the PCB yet.

We haven't used remote databases before (as described in the DxD User Guide "Exchanging Design Data with a Remote Location" or EE CES User's manual "Offsite PCB Layout and Remote Teams"). However, I'm very keen for us to start using them.  From our sub-contractor's site, we cannot access the database that drives DxDatabook, nor our live central library.  This means that whatever change in the design needs all PCB work to stop, the design sent back to us, updated, and then sent to the sub-contractor again.


In principle, it seems that you end up with a local and remote database, with forward/back annotation archives sent between the two sites to syncronise the local and remote databases.  However, it's obvious that there is a much stronger conenction between DxD and the Expedition PCB through iCDB than there used to be with DC+Exp, and just copying PCB files might not work, or worse might break things badly.


The process described in the CES user manual says:



    • A PCB design does not yet exist.


Is it possible to use the remote database functionality if the PCB already exists?

How would the process be different to that described in the DXD/CES User's manuals?