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    DxDesigner Property Visibility




      I have a script that reports on certain component properties from withinDxDesigner, to a file. What I can't work out is how to report the visibility of both the property and the property value.

      Any ideas?



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          I cant understand your question,you need the property to be visible  in the schematic

          or you need to export certain properties of the symbol from the schematic

          please provide information about  the scripting you have so that I can try



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            So this is the scenario:


            We use a property called "exclude" to indicate if a component  should be fitted or not (If the value of the property is set to "Yes" then the part is not fitted, if not set, or the property is not defined, then the part is fitted).


            We have seen instances where the property is set to "Yes", but the due to other constraints, the visibility of the value or property is set to be hidden.


            My script needs to report every instance in a schematic where the exclude property is used (which is does currently), what the value is (which is does currently). But is also needs to report the visibility of the property and value as well - this is the part that I need some help with.



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              Is this what you're looking for?


              set attr = comp.FindAttribute(attname)

              attr.size 15

              attr.color 88000


              attr.visible "3"


              The possible values for this are 0-3; property name only, value only, both on & both off.  I've forgotten who's who.


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                Cheers Mike - that is enough to get me going . I really appreciate your help.



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                        sir , how to execute this commands .and how to create those kind of scripting ,does it requires any language basic knowledge


                  AGXIN .J

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                    Hi AGXIN,


                    The language is vbscript, similar to VB.NET and Visual Basic. The quickest way to get started is to refer to the examples provided in the Automation help documents for Dx and for Expedition (they're different). There's a lot of info on net too. The basic examples show you how to install your own Pulldown menu (CommandBar).


                    Create a text file called version.vbs and put the next line into it.

                    MsgBox Application.Version


                    If you do not have a command tool bar widget, turn it on w/View/Toolbars/Command Line. In it, type 'run <fullpath>version.vbs'. This will report what version you are running.




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                      In the DxDesigner / Expedition flow, the Variant Manager does what you are trying to do, and more.  Plus it integrates all the way through the flow, also showing/not showing components on assembly drawings in Drawing Editor.  And there are automation interfaces for the Variant manager all the way through the system as well.


                      One major benefit of using Variant Manager is that not only can you install or not install a part, you can substitute other part numbers in place of the original design part.


                      Something to think about as you approach this problem.

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                        Hi Patrick,


                        You are correct in that Variant Manager would do this for me, but we are not using the tool, for a number of reasons, but primarily that our companies part records are managed but another tool. My script is working well so I can get / manage the data I need to.


                        Thanks for the comment