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    Net Names Format


      I did a conversion from DC to Dx of a 7.9.5 version schematic.  All of my buses are being flagged with a drc-002 error


      drc-002 - [schematic: 171445b, net: ImagerReadData(15)] Net name ImagerReadData(15) has invalid format


      Any idea as to what is in valid about the format?  My bus is named ImagerReadData(15:0)



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          By default DxDesigner does not use net name delimiters so a bus named Data(15:0) will have nets as seen by DxDesigner of Data15, Data14 etc. The migration checks are really aimed at migrating from pre-iCDB versions of DxDesigner, not from other tools such as Design Capture. This check and resultant errors can be safely ignored for bus members coming from Design Capture.

          As a note; If you require your nets to be delimited by either () or [] in DxDesigner, ensure it is set up appropriately in Settings - Boards - Net Name Delimiter. Setting this accordingly does not remove the errors from DRC-002 though.