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Copy a components Instance Value to Block Value

Question asked by franz.forstmayr on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by peter_festesen

Dear All,

We are working in an hierarchial design and i have to revise an old projekt with PADS VX.

We are using DxDesigner and i have a problem with the components in the hierarchial block.


As you can see in the picture all of the vomponents have the device property as an instance value, but the block value is <none>.

When i want to use this block in my design i can only see the block value which is empty, the instance value isn't there anymore. Of course i could add the instance values by hand, but this isn't really nice.

When i pull a new part into the design, the right partnumber is in the device property as block value and it works.

Is there a way to copy all the instance-values of a component to the block value?


Maybe a script?