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VX.1 & Utilities / Scripts

Question asked by bbpcbdesign on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by bbpcbdesign

during these years were released several scripts, utilities (ALE, Automation Manager, AATK ....).
I think it will be useful to everyone to know:


  1. Someone in "Automation & Scripting team" could tell us what scripts are obsolete because their functions have been implemented in VX?
    This would be very usefull and would avoid having to stand there to check them all. They are many.
  2. I think that those script not implemented should be compatible with the VX.1
    They will be made compatible with the VX.1?
  3. Much more important.
    The above Utilities ( ALE, AM, RPC, LCU and so on ) will be released as I hope for the VX.1?
    I expected it to coincide with the release of VX.1.
    It's already planned their release? Forecasts?