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    Unable to create device cell that uses a 2-level deep device cell


      I am using Pyxis Layout Basic  (v10.4_0.0).


      I have created 2 device cells :

      • "dev_A0", which draws a rectangle
      • "dev_A1", which makes use of dev_A0



      When I create device cell "dev_A2", which makes use of dev_A1, I get an error msg from the $copy function :

      "Error : $copy returned error status at line ..."

      "Error : Invalid layout relative object ID specified ..."


      If I replace dev_A1 by dev_A0, there's no error msg.

      In both cases, I am able to get the database ID of the secondary device cell with $get_new_object_handles()[0].

      So I am puzzled why the $copy() function failed.


      Q. Is there a solution for this problem ?


      Thank you.



      Debug material

      I have reduced the problem as much as possible and zipped up the project :  ABC.tar.gz   (10 KB)


      In the $ABC/userware/ample/ic folder are :

      • device generator files for dev_A0, dev_A1, dev_A2
      • a makedevice ample file to convert the above to device cells
      • in the "A2.ample" device generator, the "option" variable (line 26) controls which secondary device cell to call
      • option = 0 calls dev_A0
      • option = 1 calls dev_A1