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Hyperlynx 9.0.1 Importing iCES From Xpedition XPCB

Question asked by mattlemay on Dec 16, 2014

Let me start by saying I am new to hyperlynx.


I have a board that is fully routed with all the iCES constraints set (Diff pairs, Series..etc).


I am using Xpedition XPCB Layout 200 to make a hyp file. ( Analysis->Other Exports-> HyperLynx)


I open the .hyp file by opening Hyperlynx then FIle->Open Board->*.hyp


The constraint editor rules from the Xpedition are not transferred to the hyp file (or don't seem to be).  I am expected to see the differential pairs automatically assigned.  I was also expecting to see the Parts that are assigned "Series" to reflect in the net assignments.  They are not assigned


Am I expecting to much?  Should I have to manually assign the differential pairs and "Series" assignments to the nets?  Is there a way for this to be imported automatically?  Is a tutorial available that explains this?



Matt l.