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How to detect, if a Part is "hang" on the cursor

Question asked by on Jan 15, 2015



I'm trying to find out, if:


- when parts moving, if Part is on Cursor (Button F1 will be Ddisabled and Button F12 will chang to "12 Properties...) or not.


with Dlg = pcbapp.Gui.FindDialog("Expedition PCB") I find PCB, but no Buttons, like in Sub-Dialogs.


The main Idea is to write a little VB-App that will do:


- press "m" for move (done with Keybindings...)

- a small app starts with a Input-Window for RefDes

- if a part is under Cursor -> move it !

- If no Part under Cursor go to small App Input Window fur input RefDes

- entered RefDes will be moved (can be done with KeyIn "mr -RefDes")


Any suggestions?


BR Michi