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    Delay of a trace




      In expedition 7.9.4 i double click a trace and i get the delay in ns and the length in mm.


      Now in Xpedition because the double clicking a trace now select the component pins this is a problem i have to deselect the pins to know the delay.


      Someone knows a way to double click and select the entire trace and the pins of the components are not selected too? This would be nice.



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          you are rigth, double click on a trace in VX1 does select also the component pins. To get the delay you can open the Constrainet Editor window and select a trace.

          Use the 'Actual' bottom at the top to switch on the delay.

          You can also see the number of vias used for a net, or you can select more than one trace to compare length or delays. Just open the Constrainet Editor and select a couple of nets.




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            I am a big fan of Analysis>Target Lengths  It was in 7.9.x but it has been updated for VX and a big help when tuning Busses in Xpedition!


            If you set your tuning in CES to be TOF this form will show time instead of length.  I am dealing with packages so I have to switch the Units and number of decimal places in both CES and Xpedition.