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Rendering Error in PADS Layout and CAM output

Question asked by franz.forstmayr on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by franz.forstmayr

Dear All,


I have to design a quite small antenna board, which is a little bit curved. I finished routing right now, and saw that there's a rendering problem in PADS Layout. The Router shows the traces correctly. I thought this is only a problem from the layout software and created my gerber files.

But in my gerber i have the same problem, the trace is interrupted, not really good for my antenna.


I send you three sreenshots with PADS Router, PADS Layout and the gerber preview. I viewed the gerber output too, there's the same Problem.


What can i do?

Should i just add the Line manually? Not really beautiful.

PADS-View-Redraw doesn't work, is there another option to redraw the traces.


Thank You all