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HLDRC Model Assignment

Question asked by ivandegracia on Feb 6, 2015

Hello everybody,


I've created 3 pin models with different raise/fall times in order to assign each one to my nets. My default edge value is 1ms and CES option is set to "First time design is loaded" to have available pin model creation and assignment to nets.


So, I export my PCB to HLDRC and I configure the "Edge Rate" rule, then I set the pin model to a physical net (to set edge rate to 400ns) and afterwards I save these settings.When I execute the rule, the corresponding violations are showned correctly. After this, I close HLDRC and turn back to PCB Expedition.


The problem is the following: when I export the PCB another time and I want to change the pin assignment which I made previously (this new model has an edge rate of 500ns), I can change it but it isn't applied/saved because when I re-execute the rule, the violations are showned with the first edge rate value that I set firstly (400ns). The same happens with the default values (Setup - Options): after saving HLDRC project, sometimes when you change this value, the change is not applied/saved to all nets.


I want to know the reason of this problem and if there is any solution to solve it without using IBIS models.

I'm using the 6.1 HyperLynx DRC version.


Thank you very much,