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Regarding Decal Symbol Creation

Question asked by shf on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by kabaleeswaran.K.R

I have designed a certain RF component which is in the form of Copper Traces Artwork. I need to create this artwork at decal level so I can bring it in the layout every time I use it in my schematic. I have done a similar thing at Decal level but it was only required top layer for the artwork I created. This time I need not only to access the top layer but also inner layer 2 to complete this new artwork. My final board stack up is a 4 layer board. I generate this new artwork at Decal level by setting the layer definitions to 4 layers and complete my artwork on 1st and 2nd layer, however every time I leave my library and come back to it, after saving my artwork of course, I only see the layers top and bottom and there is no inner layers (L2 and L3), any idea of why is that?