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Regular Expression Problem In DxD Verify

Question asked by Dennis_K on Mar 16, 2015
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due to circuit copy "problems" from an older design we recently have a net short in a new design. During the copy process DxD 7.9.5 created some automated net names which shorted the nets by mistake and no one realizes this.

To avoid the same mistake in future designs, I'd like to inplement the Verify check "drc-002 - invalid net/bus name format" in DxD (version Vx1). The idea is to check all nets in the design for the unwanted automated net names (e.g. _1N50). You have to use regular expressions but I can't find a proper documentation in the InfoHub. As far as I know DxD uses Pearl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE).

The problem I encountered is the Verify behaviour - there are some web sites and also the "Search & Replace" function in DxD where you can test a custom regular expression. In my case I used the following expression: (?=_1N50).*

The "Search & Replace" function in DxD return 15 results (including labels) containing "_1N50"  which is the result I expected. But the same regular expression in Verify drc-002 returns 122 results (like _1N42 , $2N15679 , ~MUX_1).


What am I doing wrong?




Thanks for your replies, kind regards,