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DxDesigner DRC

Question asked by sebastian.duszyk on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by robert_davies

Hello DxDesigner users !


I am trying to figure DRC options in DxDesigner and have the following problem:

In drc-401 check I want to verify the three parameters:

1) Part Number

2) Ref Designator

3) RoHS


If I type "Part Number" "Ref Designator" RoHS in the Values field for drc-401 and enable Check for missing value option I get no errors (even though I suppose to get a lot of them for RoHS parameter). If however I change the order and type something like this RoHS "Part Number" "Ref Designator" I am getting errors for RoHS values as expected.

So what's the trick ?

Can I find anywhere what are the rules for defining DRC checks ? The user or reference manuals are very poor in regards to this topic.


Is it the common rule that " " (quotation marks) shall be used for properties that are separated - like for instance "Ref Designator" ?


Thanks in advance for help !