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    DxDesigner DRC


      Hello DxDesigner users !


      I am trying to figure DRC options in DxDesigner and have the following problem:

      In drc-401 check I want to verify the three parameters:

      1) Part Number

      2) Ref Designator

      3) RoHS


      If I type "Part Number" "Ref Designator" RoHS in the Values field for drc-401 and enable Check for missing value option I get no errors (even though I suppose to get a lot of them for RoHS parameter). If however I change the order and type something like this RoHS "Part Number" "Ref Designator" I am getting errors for RoHS values as expected.

      So what's the trick ?

      Can I find anywhere what are the rules for defining DRC checks ? The user or reference manuals are very poor in regards to this topic.


      Is it the common rule that " " (quotation marks) shall be used for properties that are separated - like for instance "Ref Designator" ?


      Thanks in advance for help !



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          What version are you using? I've tried this with VX.1 and VX.1.1 (not released yet) and using your representation it works as expected:


          "Part Number" "Ref Designator" RoHS


          One thing to check is that when you first made the changes the actual check wasn't enabled - so on the first run after typing your values in you may well have not actually run anything. That's what happened when I typed in some different values - double check the actual DRC check is enabled. In general you should only need to quote properties with spaces as you did originally.

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            Works fine in PADS 9.5 & EE/IND 7.9.5. I changed the property order and it didn't make a difference...


            TechNote mg586177 details the 400 series. Make sure the list is separated by a single space between the property names.


            I set up a single "test" symbol (missing all the properties) to make sure I am getting the errors I expect.

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              Thank you both for answering.


              I am currently using EE7.9.2 release (update 18) under Windows 7 64-bit.

              I have checked this several times in different configurations and I think that the source of a problem is the first property in quotation marks.

              Only the first property in quotes is checked and everything after it is not verified. No matter what you put it next, the drc-401 will not catch these errors.


              In this case (see the picture below) VBE(MAX) RoHS and Part Number properties are reported nicely but Ref Designator is not reported at all.

              DRC401 problem1.jpg


              And here is the drc-401 setup that will report only for missing Part Number but nothing more:

              DRC401 problem.jpg

              Perhaps this is only the problem within EE7.9.2 update 18.

              We'll have to live with that until we as a company switch to newer EE release.


              Thanks & Regards


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                I've not been able to find a defect directly related to this but there is one related to "Part Number" that was fixed in EE7.9.5/PADS 9.5 and this probably fixed the issue you are seeing indirectly.