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    PADS VX.0 Central library and dxdatabook connection




      I am using PADSVX.0 flow with ELDO central library in integrated flow. Without configuring dxdatabook, I can only use CL view.

      If I add ELDO databook to the settings, then I can use also Search-view.

      My question is how should the dxdatabook link to the central library? I would like to use central library, but I would prefer

      using search-view.


      Thanks for any responses,


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          The DxDataBook view is a layer on top of the Central Library. Basically a parametric database that references to the Central Library using the same part numbers (DEVICE property) and also references the symbols. The database can be Access, Excel, MySQL and other ODBC compliant databases.

          So when you search the library with the database view and select a part it fetches the part from the central library and adds properties as appropriate. This is covered in the on-line documentation.