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    CAM Plus (Proper output of SMT parts with ThruPins)


      We have SMT parts that also have Thru Pins. The parts keep showing up in the "ThruPin" output when they should be in the "SMT" output. Is there a way to define these parts so that they are placed in the appropriate output when using CAM Plus?

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          There isn't any way to manipulate the Decal or Part Type and have a SMT part with a thru-pin show up in the SMT pick-n-place file utilizing the standard outputs provide in CAM Plus. I received the following responses from SupportNet.


          "PADS is coded so that any through-hole terminal added to a decal is considered that over surface mount."


          "Unless there is something very specific about CAM Plus, the best option for Pick-n-Place file is the #17-Excel VB script output. Or you can
          create a custom one using the PADS Layout ScriptWizard. CAM Plus code is rarely updated."


          Review this technote: PADS Layout: Options for creating a Part Placement Report for Pick and Place machines