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    More symbols and footprints!


      PartQuest just got a whole lot bigger! PartQuest now supports 448,229 Digi-Key part numbers with symbols and footprints. And we'll keep adding new parts on a regular basis to ensure that you stay up to date with the latest technologies. Visit partquest.com to get started.

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          Hi Cathy,


          When can we expect to have a footprint creation feature implemented? PartQuest is only useful if the models are available; otherwise, we can't import parts into xDx without some kind of footprint.

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            Footprint creation was added on Jan 27, 2017...  Check it out!


            Otherwise, you can also download just the symbol and map to an existing footprint in your library.  Or, I've been known to download a part with the right footprint, and download the part without a footprint mapped and manually match the 2 together.  It's not automatic but it still saves tons of time!

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              Hi Gary,


              Last night I tried to make a footprint for the DS90UB948, a SERDES part from TI that's packaged in a 64-WFQN. It looks like the footprint editor only supports symmetric SOIC packages, so I had to make a 64-pin SOIC and schematic symbol, and then download it. Unfortunately, PartQuest import into xDx wouldn't work if I downloaded a part without a footprint, as I would get EDX import errors and nothing would import into the PartQuest database. Like you said, I had to download another part that had the 64-WFQN footprint and manually update my part in the library.


              Is there a date that we should expect full functionality of the footprint designer?

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                Hi John, I'm glad Gary is helping you. He is far closer to the details than I but, in the meantime, I am happy to relay that PartQuest now supports 853,368 DK parts with symbols and footprints!