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Why Menu Bar does not work in Library Manager?

Question asked by tehte on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 24, 2015 by tehte

I have a startup script below to preview a Symbol in Library Manager. Unfortunately, my custom &myMenu as below cannot work. Any reason? If I commented preview Symbol code (line 7), it works fine. Any advice?


Dim appID, app, job, libObj, actLibInit, actPSymbol

appID = "LibraryManager.Application"

Set app = GetObject(, appID)

job = "C:\Temp\Mentor-docs\AATK\1499\AATK_1499\AATK_Central_Lib\AATK_Central_Lib.lmc"

Set libObj = app.OpenLibrary(job)

Set actLibInit = app.ActiveLibrary

actPSymbol = app.PreviewSymbolEx(job, "active_discrete", "crystal", kSYMBOL_DX)


Dim docMenuBar, menupos, sMenu

Set docMenuBar = CommandBars("Main Menu Bar")

menupos = docMenuBar.Controls.Count()

Set sMenu = docMenuBar.Controls.Add(cmdControlPopup,,,menupos)

sMenu.Caption = "&myMenu"