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    how to place component with respective relative origin ??


      Hi everyone.


      In PADS Layout components are placed according to the absolute origin for example if i need to move the U1 component for ( x=300;y=400) from the origin by using the modeless command SX 300;and Sy 400 it will  be place on (300,400)location.

      but i need to keep U2 component with repective to U1 for example U1 component placed on X=300 y =400 location but U2 component should be move certain 100 mil in x and y location for U2 component location should be x=400 and y=500( i should not use modeless command SX=400 and Sy =500)  (in allegro ix command using ) let me expalin any one how to component with respect to another component ??

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          I'm not sure I understand your question.  Are you trying to avoid the manual (math) calculation of the coordinate difrerence? 


          You can use the 'search relative' "SR" command to move to relative coordinates instead of absolute coordinates.


          This might be a good application for reuse if you are talking about making multiple 'channels' have identical layouts.


          I've used a script in the past to do place components relative to other components (before I had a reuse license).

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            David Ricketts

            PADS has a very useful but underused command: Setup > Set Origin. It's usually used once to set the board origin, but it is extremely useful for many different tasks too. In your case, select U1, then invoke Set Origin, and it will prompt you to use the ICs origin as the new system origin, or let you manually select another point. Choose yes, and now any other parts' coordinates will be relative to U1. You can now use the SR commands, or just select the part's properties and type in the coordinates. Just remember to set the origin back to the board origin before post processing.