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    how to change the Diff Pair trace widht ??


      Hi ,

      i set the differential pair for my design.i could not change the trace widht for assigned pair.in default i keep min trace width is 4mil and max is 25mil.if i assigned differential it is automatically assigned tracewidht as 6mil i need to change the trace width as 5.6mil how to change tracewidht and even i could not keep tracewidth 4.5 mil for inner layer.i got error how to clear it


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          David Ricketts

          You can't set the trace widths of a diff. pair to be less than the design rules. So somewhere in your settings you have a rule for a 6 mil trace width for those nets, and that is what needs to be fixed. I recommend creating a class for the nets in each of the different values of diff. pairs (90 ohms, 100 ohms, etc.) just to set the trace width to the right value. Then you should be able to set the width and spacing in the dialog box you show.