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Issues with partial vias in Router 9.5

Question asked by davidm1 on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by cathy_terwedow

I'm experiencing strange behavior with partial vias in my design. I select an object, press F3 to route a trace then hit CTRL-Left click to place a via. Partial via is selected. Router will place a through via instead. Sometimes, I can click on the via and change its type to the partial I want. Other times Router complains and refuses to place the via. If I type command VP then try to place a via while routing Router complains " Vias not enabled for routing."  I've enabled all my vias for every layer under every setting I can find. I've also had the strange symptom that when Router would not let me change the vias to partials, if select a partial that was routed and view its properties, it shows the partial via as being layers 1-10. It should be 11-20. If I return to Layout and immediately come back to Router then view properties again, they now show correctly.