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    Updating xDx Databook


      Hi all,

      How can I update xDx databook with latest component information?


      Is there a some sort of script so that I can run to extract component data from suppliers like Digikey,Mouser ..etc. ?


      thank you

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          Hi ishara,


          You can update schematic symbols with the latest component information from your relational database (e.g. Access, Excel, etc.) using Live Verification. This is described in the DxDataBook User's Guide - essentially you pick some component property to check & run comparison on against the database. This property is picked through the 'Load' checkbox in the .DBC configuration. You then pick which properties you want annotated onto the schematic symbols (picked through the 'Annotate' checkbox in the same .DBC configuration).


          As far as tying into DigiKey, Mouser, etc. - we are working on this. You may want to check our new site PartQuest - this is currently live for Designer Schematic and PADS, and will be reaching Xpedition soon.


          Mentor Communities: PartQuest

          PartQuest Home

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            Wim Creyghton

            In xDx use "Tools - Update Libraries" to update xDx Databook with the latest Library information.

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              DId not work for me. I got as far as step 4 on this page:

              PADS and PartQuest - PartQuest Documentation - SDD Wiki


              There is no PartQuest.dbc file. (I restarted, searched whole filesystem.)


              Could be a new user issue (me), or it could be a new version issue (this is XV.1), e.g. the settings instructions were incorrect. There is no Symbol Libraries option under Settings, but it appears under Settings->boards, and then only when a project is loaded. I hope this helps you find the problem. Thanks.

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                After installing the utilities, find a part in PartQuest, Download it, and then run Tools Import PartQuest Parts.  This will create the PartQuest.ini file that can then be edited.


                We are working to simplify this step, but currently this is how it works. 


                This document walks through setting up PartQuest to a PartQuest database Partquest Project Template for PADS VX.1 with xDX Databook   I would try this first to learn how PartQuest works.


                Then go to this document, Page 8 to enhance your .dbc file with parts from PartQuest.  PartQuest to PADS Databook netlist flow

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                  Thanks Gary, but I think I have a more fundamental problem. I don’t have any starter library parts. (I did not do the original installation.)


                  When start from the starter library link in the splash screen,  download oda_library_pads.zip, and follow the video instructions it doesn’t work.


                  I put the libraries here:




                  And in C:\ODA_Starter_Library as directed in the video.


                  When I open File-->New Project there is no “Integrated Flow” template on the left hand side.


                  There are two download options. I tried both, but the zipped files appear to be identical. That doesn’t seem right either. (I don’t know which version I need, so I tried both).


                  There are other differences from the video, e.g. it shows version PADSVX.0, not PADSVX.1. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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                    PartQuest does not yet support the PADS Integrated flow although it is expected soon. For support of the PADS Starter Libraries, contact Optimum Design at 925 401 2004

                    925 401 2004