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    Pad Entry Rules


      Just found the following word in the EE2007 release notes:


      Improved pad entry rules using real manufacturing rules instead of artificial rules ...




      While mainly using interactive routing these pad entry rule took a lot of my time and patience. Now I'd like to understand why these rules do exist and how to handle them in future. I'm short before writing my collegues a note that they should, before starting to route, go to Editor Control > Pad Entry go to each pad type field "All.. Pads" and hook "Extended Pad Entry" AND "Allow Odd Angle" ON. The user manual promises me that with this setting no acute angles will be produced, which is the ONLY pad entry rule I know of. Am I right or do I run into traps? Where can I find the real manufacturing rules for pad entries and where do the artificial rules stem from?









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          We were going to make use of pad entry rules, until I found out that the rules cannot be set in the cell. In other words, they have to be set on a job by job basis, so you may end up setting the pad entrey rules for, say, an 0603 resistor, every single time you add it in into a job.  An utterly bizarre decision (Why would your pad entry rules vary from job to job? )

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            Hi All,


            This is always the same in the EE Flow. All definitions are design based. But the root cause for pad entry rules are the pads on the cells.

            Also for us many features are not usable due to this fact.

            I want to be able to define cell specific how pads should be connected. The task is not to connect a pad, the task is to connect a pad in a specific environment inside the cell.