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Pad Entry Rules

Question asked by jj on Jan 16, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2009 by Andreas.Schaefer

Just found the following word in the EE2007 release notes:


Improved pad entry rules using real manufacturing rules instead of artificial rules ...




While mainly using interactive routing these pad entry rule took a lot of my time and patience. Now I'd like to understand why these rules do exist and how to handle them in future. I'm short before writing my collegues a note that they should, before starting to route, go to Editor Control > Pad Entry go to each pad type field "All.. Pads" and hook "Extended Pad Entry" AND "Allow Odd Angle" ON. The user manual promises me that with this setting no acute angles will be produced, which is the ONLY pad entry rule I know of. Am I right or do I run into traps? Where can I find the real manufacturing rules for pad entries and where do the artificial rules stem from?