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What exactly does the demonstration mode in PADS Layout limit? (PADS 9.5)

Question asked by neganur on Jun 12, 2015
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Sometimes I'm unlucky and none of the floating licenses are available while I need to open PADS Layout. The software tells me that it will start in demonstration mode instead. What exactly does that mean? Can I plug a USB dongle in while in demonstration mode?


I was unable to find anything in the help files when I search for "demonstration mode" - there's mostly only warnings that the software may open in said mode. I could not find any discussions of exactly what the limitations are either. I am mainly interested in the following scenarios:


a) I open Layout from within Logic to quickly change a decal or prepare a board outline.

b) I open Layout from within Logic to send the net list and push an eco to pcb due to minor changes in the schematics.


I suppose demonstration mode means I cannot use any of the following functions:


  • cannot save, or save as
  • cannot export
  • cannot create a PDF
  • no CAM functions
  • cannot EDIT or NEW in the library (however, right-click an object and 'Save to Library' seems to work)


Sometimes I can reserve time for a USB dongle but forgot that I started the software in demonstration mode. Usually I just exit and restart the software after I attach the dongle, but what happens if the dongle is removed while PADS Layout is running (i.e. licensed)?


1. Will it switch to demonstration mode?

2. If the dongle is plugged back in, will I be able to save my work?

3. Specifically, if I started in demonstration mode and attach the dongle at a later point, will it resume in licensed mode?


Note that I think to know that the recommended procedure is to close any software that uses the licenses before attaching a dongle. However, sometimes certain impatient individuals ignore that.


Apologies if this information can be found in the documentation. I was not able to find anything relevant after a reasonable amount of time spent searching.