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    Getting error while immporting XML file




           While am trying to import XML file in vesys 2.0, its not getting import, Instead of it showing error. I have attached error image for your reference. Give me some idea.Capture.JPG

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          These types of error messages are usually because of version compatibility.  Make sure that the file you are importing is of the same exact version (including service pack number), or older than the version you are importing into.  We are backward compatible not forward.


          For example, if you are using VeSys 2013.1 SP1504, you cannot import a xml export from a 2014.1SP1504 install.

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                 Thanks for your reply. I got this error last time and it was cleared by updating latest service pack. But now its different, there was problem in schematic in Vesys Classic. They didn't enter connector ID name for few connectors. After updating those details its working fine.


            find the image for your reference.




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