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    Licensing Error - ModelSim


      I'm tech support for a company using your software. When I try to install a license (extended/renewed) I receive the attached error re: HostID. I understand that the HostID is the same as the MAC address. The user informs me that the motherboard, with embedded NIC, was replaced a few months ago, thus I believe this to be the cause of the error....Am I correct?


      If so, how do I go about installing the extended license?



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          Host ID can be a MAC ID or Dongle ID.


          In the image all the IDs listed are the USB dongle ID (starts with 9) , which means the license is tied to those dongles.You need to plug in the dongle to use application


          or it can be the case that you are using a wrong license file.

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            We found the dongle. Still got errors during install, but a little different.  When a sim is opened (with green light on dongle) we get the following error:


            # Reading C:/modeltech_pe_10.0d/tcl/vsim/pref.tcl

            # reading modelsim.ini

            # Loading project camlink_fg1_msim_proj


            vsim work.fg1_tb2

            # vsim work.fg1_tb2

            # ** Error: Failure to obtain a VHDL simulation license. Unable to checkout msimpevsim license feature.

            # Error loading design


            I have attached details that are provided during license installation. Can the cause be pinpointed?



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              Many of the errors you saw (hostid of this system does not match...) are likely because your license file is combined and has the licenses for all the dongles you mentioned in your original post. They don't really hurt anything, but they make troubleshooting a bit messy.


              What you need to do is look at the hardware key (dongle) you have plugged into your system and note the '9-xxxxxx' number that is stamped on it. Then separate the licenses in your file that match this number and put them in their own license file and point your license file variable at the new file.


              The INCREMENT lines have 2 date codes on them: One is the expiration date, which is dd-mm-year. The other is called the 'exact access date', and it looks like year-mm. For the license to work it a) cannot be expired, and b) must have an exact access date that meets the minimum criteria for the version of software you are using. The exact access date requirements are included in the release documentation for each release.


              Best regards,

              Ken Foster

              Mentor Graphics Global Support and Services

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                i cleaned up the license file by removing everything except the lines that refer to model sim stuff. After that I received the attached error. I then deleted everything above line 128 and the app is working now. Thanks