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Viewdraw 2004/2007 to 9.5 Migration

Question asked by rlindley on Jun 26, 2015

Comrades, I'm having difficulty converting old 2004 Viewdraw files to 9.5. The person that designed some of our older symbols had them set as Composite. The converter hangs up with the following:

00:00:05 Error: Default configuration for src2259c.1 cannot be created:

viewbase: Error 222: Error - Could not find WIR file FLTR_LORCH_1P75X0P500.1.

00:00:05 Migration stopped because schematics cannot be migrated to iCDB


I manually edit the symbol files with notepad, changing the Y 0 to Y 1 and change the data code to no avail. It still looks for the wire file. I tried changing the the W that was in front of the symbol in the .wir file to M:


W fltr_lorch_1p75x0p500 $14I76 ==> M fltr_lorch_1p75x0p500 $14I76


but that didn't solve it. There must be some other file this reference is in. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.