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Layout translation from Altium

Question asked by chidalgo on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by yan_killy

I'm trying to work with a layout file from a customer (done by another consultant) in Altium.  I have a .pcbdoc file from Altium.  I've tried importing it into layout, but get a bunch of warnings.  The .log file (attached) has lots of warnings about that things it can't handle, but ultimately, it says:

    "[F] The input design is too large for PADS Layout. Reduce the size of the design to 56000 mils square and try again."


In the Gerbers I have for the design, I see there's a large drawing border about 20 x 15 inches.  That should be within the limits for PADS, so I don't understand the problem, but that's what I'm seeing.


I really don't want to ask my customer to ask the other consultant to remove the border and re-save the database... especially since I figure there's a substantial possibility the end result won't be usable anyway.  I did try importing it using V9.5 and VX.1.1.  I also tried the stand-alone PADS Layout Translator - that gave the same results, just in a window.


Any suggestions?