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    CAD functions in VeSys



      When I first started using Vesys, I had full CAD functions running at the same time as VeSys (I could change my keyboard shortcuts, cad linetypes, text styles, cad workspaces, etc.)



      Now, after re-loading everything after a hard drive swap,  I have to go back and forth between CAD Menu and VeSys menu to change anything, and I lose my keyboard shortcuts in the process (a keyboard shortcut I'd set up in CAD doesn't work in VeSys). 



      Was this a fluke that my machine was set up this way at first, or is there an option menu I'm not seeing?






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          I don't think it was a fluke but there aren't any options in VeSys to change, it may have been related to the AutoCAD version you were working on.  I actually did some work on the menu files for VeSys to add the shortcuts back in (I can't exactly remember but I don't think these were part of the early cui file), so if you are running a fairly recent version of VeSys I think you should be OK.  To check you have the keyboard shortcuts right click in the toolbar area of VeSys/AutoCAD and go to the 'Customize...' menu item, take a look at the Shortcut Keys folder to see if any keys are defined.



          Note:  You may not be able to edit the menu's if your version of AutoCAD is lower than the version that the menu's are created in.