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    PADS Integrated Flow with DxDataBook


      Looking a making the jump from DxDesigner Netlist flow to the PADS Integrated flow for our design team?

      Has anyone made a successful transition? Was it very difficult for you? Any problems that you ran into?

      What are the pros and cons of moving to the Integrated flow?

      I have been playing with the netlist to integrated library conversions and it has been a headache. Most of the hetro part must be redone and don't migrate over without extra work.

      I have some duel symbols that share a common pin between the two instances and this will no longer work. I am told that each instance must have a different symbol in a central library.

      Please share any of your experience with this whole process.



      John W.

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          have you already finished migration? I'm at this part now, but i don't work like i want.

          I have some troubles with the xDM Library Tools. Is there any config file to modify the standard paths or something like that?
          Everyone in our company has a local revision tracked folder in C:\MentorGraphics\config, each config file is in this folder. But i can't link from xDM Library tools to an Folder, so xDM library tools creates a copy of my .dbc and .prp file.
          Is there any way to edit more parts than one at a time? When we have to update much similar parts, the part editor has to be started every time, it drives me crazy...

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            Create or save a .prj file with the path to your central library path .lmc file. Put the ,prj file in your templates folder.

            No way to edit more than one part at a time that I know of.

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              i meant something different, i wanted to configure the central library to use special paths, not the project. I want to point from the integrated library to a local path containing a revision tracked .dbc and .prp file.

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                The structure of the central library is designed to be self-contained, but the central library pointer in the project file can use environmental variables (quote them as ${EnvName}) so the library itself can be located anywhere on your network. Then the revision tracked dbc file can remain with the library, but equally the dbc file supports environmental variables in the same way. So with such a combination you should be able to achieve what you require. If you have PADS VX.1.2 then the StarterLibrary shipped with it is an example where we've used environmental variables (in this case ${SDD_HOME}). This library can be found at:




                Similarly the project template PADS.prj uses variables to point to the library.