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    Harness Loom Calculation


           Hello all,


      I have a question- In a harness design, how does Vesys calculate the bundle diameter?


      In Project Preferences, under Harness, Harness Engineering, there is a "Bundle CSA Multiplication Factor" Where is this used, is it only for checking insulation totals, or does it modified the visible bundle "Width" seen under "Edit Bundle?"


      I have an issue where I have a single multi-cable and a dozen wires in a bundle. If you add the outer diameter of the multi cable and two of the wires (looks like the perfect flower) I seem to get the exact value that Vesys calculates, which is 12.68mm OD. I now specify a loom on the bundle that has a bore of 12.7mm. If my Bundle CSA Multiplication Factor is 1.3, doesn't this see that 1.68mm * 1.3 = 16.48mm, and running the process "Calculate Insulation Totals" come back that the 12.7mm loom is insufficient? Because it doesn't.  And unfortunately, I have the manufacture telling me the loom doesn't fit as opposed to Vesys! 



      Any help on the matter is appreciated, thanks.

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          In the harness drawing if you target the line underneath the loom you should be able to see the calculated length vesys sees of the bundle.  You said you had a dozen wires and then you said you ran your calculation running two.  I don't see how 1.68 * 1.3 =16.48   , Make sure you run the calculate node bundle size first before doing insulation calculations as well.


          I wish the calculation would just be one button and do everything at once in the proper order.


          Seeing your numbers on the outside diameter on the multicore and other wires would also be beneficial.