Hyerplynx Thermal or Flotherm.pcb?What is Mentor's thermal solution after acquiring Flomerics?

Discussion created by yu.yanfeng on Jan 21, 2009
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Frankly speak, Most of us think Betasoft(now Hyperlynx Thermal ) is a toy tool. Of course, you can use it in real design if most of component's power dissipation less 100 mw and some not exceed 1000 mw. I was puzzed by Mentor'acquriement of Betasot, I think it's better to acquire Coolit which have good technology. Late, Mentor acquried Flomerics again.


Flomerics have embed it's flo.pcb into Flotherm V8.1(Flo/EDA), Does Flo.pcb will renamed Hyperlynx Thermal? I hope get know the plan of Mentor board-level thermal solution.



Thanks in advance