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cell origin creation in ODB++

Question asked by Dennis_K on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by Dennis_K

Hello everyone,


for a recent project we switched from Gerber output data to ODB++ output data. No problem for this and everything seems fine.

But a few days later we get a call from our manufacturer that the pin 1 of a 6-pin diode in SOT23-6 package is wrong. After looking in the ODB++ assembly data I also recognize the wrong Pin1 marker - it should be on the upper-left but is on the upper-right.


The problem seems to be in the part cell itself. We created this 6-pin diode a few years ago with the pins named C (for cathode, with pins 1,2,5,6 shorted) and A (for anode, with pins 3,4 shorted).


As there is no pin with number 1 and A comes before C in alphabet the ODB++ generator takes one of the pins named A as pin 1. I can not figure out which one of the two A pins appears first in the cell editor "Place Pins" dialog, but the first entry in the table is the pin the ODB++ generator has chosen.


My question at this point is:

- is there a way to set Pin1 explicit in the cell editor (no matter of the number/letter)?

- if there is the same number/letter on two or more pins (for pin shorts), which of this is chosen as Pin1?


I hope for your help as I can't find any useful hints in the cell editor documentation.



Kind regards,