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Alignment failed during adding of 3D model

Question asked by lgalantai on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by lgalantai

Hi everyone!


We're having problems with some of the 3D model assignment in Xpedition. For example when we want to assign a 3D model to our DSUB 9 (90deg) connector, an error occurs "failed to perform alignment", and the model does not appear at all (I understand that the alignment failed, I can align it manually if the model appears, but it doesn't). This problem occurs, if we try to add a model from the m3dl library or from other sources too, when you try to add the model, something happens, like it moves away a little bit but the extrusion doesn't change, and when you close the editor the error message is displayed. Do you have any ideas, why is this happening, or is there a way to disable auto alignment? Maybe the footprint is wrong or the padstack? (we used this component for several pcb-s so the footprint should be fine). Here's a few pictures about the problem:






Waiting for your answer,