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Why bulk of spiral insductors are connected to each other!

Question asked by majid rafei on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by chris_balcom

I have drawn a layout consisting 8 spiral inductors in Virtuoso. I also have used 130 nm TSMC. In the design, I have connected the bulk of spiral inductors to ground pin using RF-poly-resistors (a resistor for each inductor). When I run LVS by calibre, It says that bulk net of 7 of spiral inductors are connected to each other, but physically, I have not connected bulk of spiral inductors to each other!

You can see the Mentor Calibre error in the below image:

bulk of inductors.png

I also have similar errors with the bulk of spiral inductors, Calibre is not able to find bulk net of spiral insductors. I have attached another image shows this:

bulk of inductors_2.png

I have uploaded two more images which show how bulk of spiral inductors are connected to the ground pin using RF-poly-resistors:

bulk of inductors_3.png

bulk of inductors_4.png


What is the issue with the layout? How can I overcome this problem?

Hint: I have tested a simple design with two MOSFETs and two spiral inductors (using 130 nm TSMC and calibre), and I have no problem like this!

Software Versions: IC614, Calibre 2011.2