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    Custom Components



      I have a question about custom components within Vesys Design






      is there anyway to get the pin assignments  to machtup with ours?






        for example if we choose a 31 pin Custom Component it gives us  pins 1-31. the connectors we use have pin assignments A-Z . It looks like i can manually change the assignment by right clicking on the pin and changing it there.



      Is this the best way??? Can this info be stored somewhere for future/repeat usage









      Best Wishes



      Tomm T 






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          Hi Tom,



          You will need to manually edit each pin assignment. To reuse this simply save the custom component as an AutoCAD block, copy this to you C:\Program Files\VeSys Electrical Series\Blocks folder, if you assign this block to a database component then it will automatically load when you try to place that part into future VeSys Design's.







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            I have my connectors in the DB , so is there a way to pull up my connector in Vesys Design to place on the schematic page , iknow i can do it in Vesys Harness????



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              You need to edit the pin and assign it a unique Connector ID, once you have done this you can add a part number to the connector (this will apply to very pin of the connector that is referenced in the drawing).  It is worth noting that in VeSys Design you are generally placing pins of the connector rather than the connector itself.



              Are you placing an inline connector or a component connector?



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                We are using circular Milspec connectors MS3476 and MS3474.






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                  VeSys has two types of connectors, an in-line style which is used to join two harnesses or a component type connector (attached to a component of some sort like an Electronic Control Unit).  Depending on which type will depend on how you place the pins.  For example if it is an inline between two harnesses you would:


                  1. Place an inline pin

                  2. Edit the Connector ID to assign a unique ID

                  3. Add a part number by going to the Connector tab of the Modify Connector dialog

                  4. Right Click on the connector and do 'Insert Copy' to place other pins of the same Connector


                  For a component connector the process is slightly different:


                  1. Place the Custom Component

                  2. Right click on the custom component and select 'Assign Connector' selecting a unique ID and selecting the 'Show Connector ID....' if required

                  3. Edit one of the pins and add a part number by going to the Connector tab of the Modify Connector dialog


                  Once you have linked a part number with a Connector ID VeSys will remember this so inserting additional pins of the same Connector will result in them referring to the same part number, it will also enable the drop-down menu to work for the pin names.



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                    Ok that makes sense



                    in addition the connectors that i created in the DB i will need to create another set of connectors for the "design" side  is this correct?



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                      what will happen if use the same  connector multiple times on the same sheet?, will i get an error because the connectors will all have same  the connector ID ?

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                        The Connector ID is the unique name for that instance of the connector, so if you use 10 seperate connectors in your Design that are all the same part number you will need to give them each a unique ID i.e. C001, C002, C003, C004 and so on.  Once you tag a pin with a Connector ID ANY other pin with the same ID will know that they are part of the same connector, so you will be able to edit the description or part number on any of the pins and all of the others will be updated.

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                          No the connectors are shared between VeSys Design and VeSys Harness, the only field in the database that is designed for one of the VeSys modules is the Electrical Parts folder which is used for Design.  That said you would only use Connectors or Terminals in VeSys Design.

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                            One other thing I tend to do is copy things from other drawings, rarely will I add a new component or inline connector.  VeSys is quite easy to do copy paste even from different drawings so I don't even bother pre-building things, because if you pre-build a large quantity of things you may not be able to find the thing you are looking for  so I find a quick copy/paste and possibly edit is just as quick.