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    Symbol Editor Preferences


      What file controls the Symbol Editor preferences features? I would like to set the preferences up so everyone gets same settings when they create a new symbol.





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          There don't seem to be many "preferences" that are sticky in the Symbol Editor. When you exit the tool the most of ini file is re-written to the standard defaults.


          Idea D6595 discusses a different symbol editor issue but in the comments this preferences (pin spacing, colors, etc.) is called out and robert_davies indicates "not expected behavior" and "looking to address it in a future release"

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            Hi Shannon,


            Is it possible to copy the .ini file to a company standard location than edit it, maybe in the future? I would like to automatically add certain attributes to the custom symbols the engineers are designing. This would speed up releasing my library symbols in the future. The more I can do to pre configure the symbol creation process the less chance of errors before it gets released.





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              Not until we ship a new editor with the VX.2 release. This will be based on xDX Designer and so will sue the configuration files and processes supported by xDX Designer regarding corporate settings.