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Routing nets connected to a plane/copper pour

Question asked by mramalfi on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2015 by jim.granville

When using a plane/copper-pour layer is it necessary to physically route the connections attached to that plane ?  I.e., I am using a copper pour layer connected to the net 'GND'. I have many components which are connected to the 'GND' net. I routed some of these GND connections, however, when I go into 'Verify Design', I am getting many (para-phrased) 'Error, Subnet of net 'GND' I feel this may be due to the fact of these individually routed 'GND' net connections.


Is this similar to the case when stitching vias, i.e., they don't actually get routed, they are just connected between the plane layers ?


Can someone please clarify ?