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    Re: Removing an old board outline


      I am currently working on a board design that started out one size of Board Outline, then got changed to a second a different size. On the design screen I see the second - and, correct - board outline. However, when I go into 'Create PDF' I see both the old and new Board Outlines. Just in case this was an image artifact I went into CAM and created some artwork. The 'old' board outline also appears there.


      Can someone point me in the direction I need to go to remove all remnants of the 'old' Board Outline ?

      It is not possible for PADS to have 2 Board outlines, but what can happen, is import of a new outline is flipped over to 2D polyline (usually with a message.)

      If you want to use a newly created/imported  2D closed polyline as a Board outline, you need to first select shape on the old board outline, delete, then select shape on the 2D polyline and change it to a Board Outline. This new outline is then used for clearance checking, zoom etc.

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          Hi Jim,


          You are correct on the single 'Board Outline' issue; i.e., we can't have more than one outline. I didn't describe my issue very accurately.

          The 'second' board outline I was referring to was actually the Board Outline *after* re-sizing the original, i.e., same Board Outline, just a different size.

          Actually, after further investigation today and turning things 'on' and 'off', Temp_PCB_Page_1.jpg it turns out that what I am seeing in 'Create PDF' and also in the generated CAM document is *leftover* hatch from the *original size* Board Outline. For example, similar to my first submission, when I 'Create PDF' with 'hatch' unselected and 'pour outlines' selected, when I look at the PDF I *do not* see this hatch artifact. If I select 'hatch' and unselect 'pour outlines' I see the remnants of the hatch for the original BO size.


          I have attached an image. The four holes at the extremes of the image are on the hatch layer associated with the original BO size. The resized BO can be seen along with it's four mounting holes at the bottom of the board. This problem, i.e., leftover hatch exists for both the top and bottom layers.


          So while this isn't directly my original problem, it is related in that the leftover hatch is that which went with the original BO size.


          Then, question is, 'How do I delete this residual/leftover hatch' ?





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            Turns out that for whatever reason, data for my Top and Bottom Copper Pours associated with the original Board Outline were still hanging around even after I resized the Board Outline *and* both pour areas. After some investigation, I just decided to delete both of these and re-poured them. Problem solved.


            Thanks, Jim G. for weighing in, and thanks to all who gave this some thought.


            Jim W.


            P.S. Am using PADS 9.3

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              After some investigation, I just decided to delete both of these and re-poured them. Problem solved.


              Good it is sorted,

              Usually a re-flood regenerates any pour polylines & I've never seen ghost effects like that, but you are safe to delete them if they occur, as PADS regenerates that information from original master outlines.