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    What happened to "ask the expert" ?


      I posted a question a short time ago, and I wanted to post it in one of the "ask the expert" forums, but they don't seem to exist any longer! Not even a re-direct, or explanation of what a user should do if they follow a link such as this one:




      Clicking on this will now take you to a "page not found"


      I realize that things change, but at least have some type of re-direct in place, so people are not sent to a dead-end. This also brings up the question; what happened to all the postings that were listed under this forum?



      Thomas DeSmit

      Cobham AvComm

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          Thomas – thanks for your note, and I apologize for the inconvenience. When we migrated our communities to a new version in September, 2014, we did have re-directs in place. My suspicion is those may have had some sort of time limit on them (6 months maybe) that has since expired.


          At the time of our migration to a new version, we also took that opportunity to do a lot of clean-up/re-structuring in the communities. One of those changes resulted in the “Ask the Expert” communities to be re-assigned to communities grouped around functional aspects of design. As a result, the “Ask the DxDesigner Expert” community was absorbed in the Xpedition Enterprise Design Creation community.


          That community can be found here: https://communities.mentor.com/community/pcb/xpedition/design_creation


          Again my apologies. Please let me know if you have other questions.