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Problem with Parts List Generation

Question asked by mramalfi on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by mramalfi

Hello, to All,


I have just finished a project and started generating reports. In *LAYOUT* When I tried to generate 'Parts List' the contents of the report are:


BOARD STATISTICS REPORT -- LabReference_PCB_Filter_Layout_071514.pcb -- Wed Jul 16 15:41:23 2014


Job Design Time:    20:39


Part Types:         26

Parts TopSide:      127   BottomSide:     0     Total: 127

Drilled pads:       296   Undrilled pads: 0     Total: 296

Via Name : STANDARDVIA   Via Count : 25

Signal Nets:        42

Connections Routed: 221  Partially 0    Unrouted: 0    Total: 221



...... and so on.


I.e., the contents of my 'Parts List' is actually a Statistics report. Not only that but the listed project pcb - LabReference_PCB_Filter_Layout_071514.pcb - is *incorrect*, as is the date - *July 16 2014*. I tried this several times with the same results. I then went to a second machine which is running a newer version of PADS and oddly enough a 'Parts List' report is not even an option, only 'Parts List 1' and 'Parts List 2'.


'Parts List 1' and 'Parts List 2' show up *correctly* in their respective formats.


I guess the first question would be, what information is contained in 'Parts List' which may not show up in 'Parts List 1' and 'Parts List 2' ?


Also, is there a VB script that generates 'Parts List', and if so, what is it named (aside from possibly the obvious) ?