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PADS VX integrated flow , use existing PCB file.

Question asked by george.jaray on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by MENTOR_BillT

this all has to do with imported legacy netlist designs that did not follow the best methods for integrated designs...


I want to create a board from a existing block and then assign an existing PCB file to that board..

creating the board is easy enough, but is there a way in dx designer, to assign an existing "pcb" file to the board,

all the flow lets me do is create a new PCB , if I uses the existing filename , it will just overwrite it.


I know I can do this by manually editing the ".prj"  after I create the Board.

I simply need to do is add  KEY PCBDesignPath "filename.pcb" to the new SECTION  added for the new board,

but that is not pretty and less experienced users will make a mess of it.........