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    Does Layer Map implicitly OR all sublayers into specified Layer?




      I have a statement like this in my calibre DRC tvf file:



      LAYER MAP 123 DATATYPE < 65000 65001

      LAYER MAP 124 DATATYPE < 65000 65001

      LAYER MAP 125 DATATYPE < 65000 65001

      LAYER MAP 126 DATATYPE < 65000 65001


      From the documentation it appears that, the above statement will have the same effect as doing an OR of 123 , 124,125, 126 and putting all the polygons in a single layer 65001. Is my understanding correct?


      I have another OR statement:




      Calibre issues error on the above statement:

      ERROR: Error INP5 on line 57 of SVRF generated from TVF - identical input layers for this operation: or.


      I understand doing on OR on same layers is redundant, but why an error. Is there a way to convert the above ERROR to warning in calibre?



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          Hi Sri,


          From the standpoint of how the layers are represented in the Calibre hierarchical database, I believe that using Layer to merge the layers and using OR will have the same effect. From a performance standpoint, however, this may not be the case. For large layers in multi-threaded runs, you may find that OR is faster.


          There is no way to change that error to a warning. No layer operation permits redundant specification of layers. This is enforced as a protection against inadvertent mistakes.


          As an observation, it is unnecessary to do a single-layer OR on original layers because this is done automatically for all such layers that are read into Calibre. In this case, thin_lines isn't going to be different from SRAM_OUTLINE after read-in. If thin_lines is needed as a copy of SRAM_OUTLINE, the COPY or DFM COPY operations may prove useful.


          Hope this helps.



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