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    Soldering Problems with QFN thermal pad ?


      Hello ,


      Will there be any soldering issues if copper is provided on the QFN thermal pad in all the layers that is outer as well as inner layers ?


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          Hi Parth

          During the reflow soldering process the excess copper will absorb heat, thus the profile set for normal soldering might need to be corrected to compensate for this effect.

          If you need to do a rework, the excess copper will need to be heated as well. This can impact on the long term reliability of the board. Make sure your board is qualified for a higher number of thermal shocks. Like a minimum of 6: 1 HAL surface preparation, 2 reflow top, 3 reflow bottom, 4 selective wave soldering, 5 rework removal, 6 rework insertion.

          Hope this helps