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Eldo problem in HyperLynx

Question asked by kirk.fabbri1 on Oct 15, 2015

I'm trying to run a simple SMPS model in HyperLynx. The SPICE model is an encrypted model from TI. I've created a SPICE circuit with the subckt definition and pointed to the .lib file containing the encrypted model. Unfortunately I get the following error when trying to run this in HyperLynx LineSim.


Error: ** Error: (eldo-25)  In file "C:\MentorGraphics\9.3PADS\SDD_HOME\hyperlynx\Libs\SPICE\LM2840X-Q1_TRANS.LIB" line 43:

+   Line not consistent with language syntax.


I've tried adding the .option of .option TISPICE thinking this could solve any compatibility problems. Unfortunately since the model is encrypted from TI, I can't really view the models to see what could be going on. Is this a line continuation problem?


Any help or insight would be nice.