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    How to use variables in Calibre DRC Check Map statement


      Hi all, I am very new to Calibre DRC deck creation.

      For experimentation purposes, I wish to write the statement like this :


      DRC Check Map myrule GDSII "Smylayer" "$mydtype" "$outputfile" APPEND "$mycell_suffix" MAXIMUM RESULTS ALL


      where all the "$" variables are defined by setenv in a shell script.

      The reason is so that all the frequently edited strings are gathered in 1 section for better readability and general user-friendliness.


      But I get the following error :

      ERROR : Error INP1 on line 63 of try.cal - superfluous or invalid input object : $mydtype.


      After some trial and error, I find only the "$outputfile" variable is interpreted as desired.

      I have to use literal strings in place of the other 3 "$" variables.

      Using the VARIABLE statement within the rule file also doesn't work.


      I could use a perl script to accept the parameter values from cmdline arguments and generate the rule file afresh everytime.


      But is there really no simple way to use variables for parameters in the DRC Check Map statement ?


      Thank you.